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 Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

Improving diet through nutrition sensitive Climate Smart agriculture among extreme poor household

Nutrition gardenThe project aims to assist the poor malnourished disaster vulnerable communities of Mathurapur block in adapting the adverse impact of Climate Change & malnutrition so that they can sustain their livelihood and better healthy life for the future.

The agriculture and food system is ideally situated to influence the production and consumption of the nutritious foods needed for a healthy and active life. Present agricultural and food systems have become more complex and increasingly global, with longer supply chains from farm to fork. Nutrition-sensitive agriculture aims to maximize the impact of the agriculture and food system on nutrition outcomes, while minimizing the unintended consequences of agricultural policies and interventions on the nutrition level ofthe consumer. It is placing a nutrition lens on the food and agricultural sector as a whole, withoutdetracting from the sectors own goals, which generally emphasize increased production and improved income.

The project will contribute directly and indirectly to the progress of the community towards all major nutrition sensitive climate smart agriculture development and resilience framework and strategies in place of local level. It is very difficult to estimate as multiple factors are in place, but specific measures will be taken in close collaboration of the Centre for ecology, Ankurkala, dedicated project teams and other relevant stakeholders in this regard. This can be measured by the number of policy and programme related measures taken in joint partnership.

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